Brand Culture

The Anadolu Group is a multinational, global company born and developed in Anatolia. The foundation of the Anadolu Group was laid in 1950 by the honorary chairman of the Anadolu Group, Kamil Yazıcı and İzzet Özilhan. The Anadolu Group’s vision is“the stars that connect Anatolia with the world and the world with Anatolia”, and the Anadolu Group is in 19 countries, including Turkey. 80 companies have more than 80000 employees. The Anadolu Group has established a partnership with the world's leading brands and multinational companies, the Anadolu Group and a number of international business partners, including world-leading companies, Anheuser-Busch InBev, McDonald's, Faber-Cas-Aga The Nadolu Group operates in a wide range of industries including beer, soft drinks, retail, agriculture, automotive, stationery, fast food, real estate and energy.

  Anadolu Efes is the world's fifth-largest brewer and the 15th largest brewer in the world, with 21 breweries, 5 wineries, breweries and a prefabricated factory in 6 countries. 26 bottling plants of the Coca-Cola Company. As one of the most important players in the region, Anadolu operates in 10 countries and is consumed in more than 80 countries around the world, Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Anadolu currently offers a portfolio of beer and soft drinks brands to more than 690 million consumers. About three-quarters of the beer sales outside its domestic market are from Europe, making it the number one beer in the Mediterranean.